About us

DRI Auto was originated in 1991. The very first service which we provided to our customers was alternator stator rewinding. Since 2007 our offer has extended to the production of brand-new stators. Our trade partners with whom we have been cooperating have appreciated our high quality service which can be confirmed by the fact that we permanently cooperate with companies based in Germany, Denmark as well as Poland.
The dynamic development of our company took place in 2007. Back then the monthly number of stators which we wound amounted to 300 pieces. Over a period of a few years the number has definitely increased to reach the current 8000 pieces .
We have over 800 OEM numbers catalogued in our stator base. As a result, our customers can be sure that our stators will properly fit the alternator’s model.
It is worth remembering that regenerated (rewound) stators serve the same function as the original stator. The production is held with the use of the industrial process normalized in accordance with high specifications. The industrialization process defines elementary management standards. It is worth realizing that each regenerated part is provided with the same warranty as the brand-new one.
Out of concern for the highest quality of our alternator stators we wish to implement the ISO Quality Management Certification in 2011-2012.
Please accept our cordial invitation to cooperate with DRI Auto